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PET SSP stand-alone process

POLYMETRIX has continually developed the SSP stand-alone process with the objectives of reducing both operating expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX). Thanks to various process developments, such as pre-treating the amorphous material, energy and raw material recovery, we offer our industrial customers cost-effective solutions for making high viscosity polymers.

The POLYMETRIX stand-alone SSP processes are used in situations where the SSP has to function as an independent unit and it is not possible or desirable to integrate it in the CP process. Equipped with a tried-and-tested "pellet-to-pellet” crystallization process, the stand-alone SSP process is used when working with cold amorphous PET source material. After crystallization the PET pellets undergo preheating to SSP temperatures, hot conveying, the SSP reaction and cooling. Nitrogen from the process is continuously cleaned in a catalytic combustion or gas washing system with ethylene glycol.


  • Capacity range from 10 to 1500 t/d
  • Starting viscosity as low as 0.4 dl/g
  • Feeding of amorphous PET from intermediate storage silos
  • Pellet-to-pellet crystallization of amorphous PET
  • Hardening process for highly modified PET (optional)
  • Strand pelletizng for cylindrical pellets or underwater pelletizing for spherical pellets
  • All process steps under nitrogen (crystallization and cooling under air or nitrogen)

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