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vPET for food packaging

vPET for food packaging

Virgin PET (vPET) is produced from oil or renewable resource based monomers. The POLYMETRIX solid state polycondensation (SSP) technology is the last step in the manufacturing chain and upgrades the PET to fulfill the demanding quality and food safety requirements for food packaging applications.

vPET pellets manufactured with POLYMETRIX SSP process technology are converted to PET bottles for all major beverage brand owners. The purity of the material complies with all national and regional food packaging regulations, such as those of the FDA and Efsa.

With the SSP treatment the PET quality is adjusted to meet the specifications for each individual type of bottle. The SSP is designed to accept PET with various co-monomers and co-monomer concentrations. Precise and stable viscosity, low residual content of acetaldehyde, dust and oligomers as well as optimum processing characteristics for injection molding of preforms are key advantages of PET pellets from POLYMETRIX SSP plants.

In addition to the predominant use for food bottles, PET is also used to manufacture food jars, sheet for thermoforming or bottles for non-food applications.

vPET for bottle grade applications

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