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Material evaluation and testing

In the POLYMETRIX laboratory facility small scale tests are conducted to assess the mechanical and chemical behavior of polymer samples. The tests are typically performed on small samples of
1 to 10kg. They are designed to provide all relevant material characteristics for the specification and design of large-scale commercial plants.

The laboratory facility is used to evaluate samples with respect to their behavior in various treatment processes:

  • Solid- state polycondensation
  • Crystallization
  • Drying and conditioning
  • Stickiness during crystallization and during SSP
  • Decontamination, devolatilization
  • Extrusion

Tests can be designed to determine the influence of time, temperature and process gas composition (content of oxygen, water and other reaction by-products) on treated products.
A laboratory-scale extruder can be used for mixing, compounding, reactive extrusion, simulating the impact of melt processing on polymers, as well as for filter tests or just pelletizing.
Analytical methods are applied to measure material characteristics:

  • Solution viscosity
  • Melt rheology
  • Thermal behavior (DSC)
  • Carboxyl end groups
  • Water content
  • Dust content
  • Color
  • Content and regeneration rate of acetaldehyde and other volatile contaminants
  • Density and density distribution

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