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Continuous pilot plant testing

All POLYMETRIX unit operations can be tested on our continuous pilot plant.
The pilot plant is used to develop new process concepts and new process equipment. Material behavior and long term effects which are not visible in laboratory test can be studied.

 Further it allows treating and upgrading new material formulations or polymers which are not available in large scale. It is also a good training facility to teach the operation skills required for large scale plants. 

SSP pilot plant

The 40m tall POLYMETRIX SSP pilot plant combines a wide range of representative industrial design process equipment like spout bed and fluid bed machines, cross current and counter current reactors and gas loops with integrated gas cleaning steps. For SSP tests the pilot plant has a capacity of about 0.5 to 1.5 metric tons per day.

Extrusion pilot plant

The extrusion line consists of a gravimetric dosing unit, a ring extruder with melt degassing, a melt pump, a continuous melt filter and a strand pelletizing system. The line is specifically designed to convert rPET flakes into pellets. It is the first step in the POLYMETRIX bottle–to-bottle recycling process.

In addition the line is used for virgin PET extrusion without pre-drying and for melt devolatilization processes for other polymers. The throughput capacity of the line ranges from 100 to 400 kg/h.

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