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Bühler Thermal Processes AG is now POLYMETRIX

Bühler Thermal Processes AG in Oberbüren has changed its name to POLYMETRIX at the end of March 2015. Bühler Thermal Processes AG had emerged in July 2013 from the Bühler Group as an independent company. After two years of transition the new POLYMETRIX brand gives the people, products and services of Bühler Thermal Processes AG their unique identity.

Polymer production and recycling plants from one supplier

POLYMETRIX designs, supplies and installs complete industrial plants for the thermal treatment of bulk materials, based on the well-known polymer technologies and services from Bühler Thermal Processes AG. In addition, POLYMETRIX develops and distributes new process technologies, in particular for producing virgin and recycled plastics. As SSP market leader POLYMETRIX is your technology, process and engineering partner for the thermal treatment of polyesters, polyamides and other polymers. The polymers from our plants are used for high value applications like PET bottles, yarns for seatbelts, tires, hot air balloons or high performance sports clothing from PET or PA and optical fibers made of PBT.

Plant design and process consulting

As a renowned technology and engineering company, POLYMETRIX has the proven experience to successfully provide complete manufacturing plants to its customers around the world. POLYMETRIX plants are based on our proprietary process and equipment design. In addition to the process equipment an overall plant design includes storage and handling of raw materials and finished products as well as utility generation and distribution facilities. 

POLYMETRIX provides consulting services in the fields of process optimization and extension or conversion of existing plants, regardless of the original plant supplier. Unique laboratory-scale tests and process simulation models allow our specialists to assess customer specific material and plant characteristics. New plant designs or modifications are always optimized for these specific requirements.

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