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Food approval support & challenge test

Decontamination trials are performed in lab reactors or at pilot plant scale, to demonstrate the ability of our process to remove model contaminants from recycled PET.

The conditions of the decontamination process determine the final cleaning efficiency. This is the key to fulfill specific requirements of brand owners (Limit B) or different national approvals (Limit A). 

Feed stock evaluation & process design

In our lab we are able to assess the quality of different feed stock materials, characterize contaminants in the flakes stream and find appropriate process steps to reduce or even eliminate those contaminants.

Based on a close relationship with our customers, as well as their clients (converters, brand-owners) we follow the market requirements and optimize existing technical solutions.

Environmental factors

On the way to a more sustainable economy tougher reuse and recycling targets for packaging materials frequently appear on the political agenda. POLYMETRIX participates in industry associations and platforms, to focus activities in the industry towards those targets. 

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