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Today – POLYMETRIX is the strong new brand for the Bühler SSP Technologies
With the new Eco SSP technologies, POLYMETRIX is gaining additional market share! In 2015 alone, customers from all major regions commissioned POLYMETRIX with the supply of plants for an additional 2.8 million metric tons annual PET production capacity. Currently, POLYMETRIX is setting new standards with the construction of the world’s largest PET plant based on the trend-setting EcoSphereTM SSP technology.

Bühler Thermal Processes AG is renamed and since the end of March 2015 trades under POLYMETRIX AG 

Cross L.P. acquires 65% of the share capital of Bühler Thermal Processes AG.
Bühler Holding AG retains 35% of Bühler Thermal Processes AG.
The entire management and all members of staff remain in the company.

Bühler AG forms Bühler Thermal Processes AG, turning its Thermal Processes business unit into a separate company.
The new business is relocated to CH-9245 Oberbüren, a neighboring community of Uzwil.
The technical laboratories and pilot plant remain on the site of Bühler AG in CH-9240 Uzwil.

1984 – 2012
In 1984, Bühler creates the Thermal Processes business unit at its headquarter in Switzerland. Based on the business activities in polymer drying processes Bühler AG develops an SSP technology for PET bottles in 1984. Due to the innovative SSP technology without mechanical agitation the company soon gains market share.
In 1990, Bühler builds a polymer testing laboratory and a continuous pilot plant.

Bühler's PET SSP process becomes the leading technology to obtain high viscosity food grade PET for packaging applications. The market share grows continually by 2 to 3% per year to over 70%.

In 1998 Bühler builds its first SSP plant for recycled PET flakes and follows this early success with a complete rPET plant for food grade pellets in 2002.

1970 – 1984
Bühler MIAG in Braunschweig, a subsidiary of Bühler AG, develops and builds plants for drying polyester and polyamide pellets. The base technologies are derived from Bühler's large technology portfolio for the thermal treatment of bulk materials in the food sector.

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