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Constant innovation is the key to POLYMETRIX's success and covers the whole technology range - from the smallest crystallite in a pellet through to the largest process equipment in a plant. 
Due to our comprehensive understanding of materials, processes and equipment design it is possible to engineer plants that have an unparalleled efficiency, reliability and final product quality. Using state-of-the-art simulation models that are based on current experience data, allows us to design plants precisely to our customers' requirements with a scale-up factor of up to 1:1 million.

For this purpose, POLYMETRIX has its own technology department, which maintains close contact with our customers and leading institutes. On behalf of our customers, we carry out comprehensive testing in our in-house laboratories and operate a pilot plant in which new equipment and processes are developed until they are ready for market introduction.

Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility

POLYMETRIX innovation projects focus on technical process solutions with an emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. 
For example, the energy consumption per ton for the manufacture of PET bottle grade pellets has been reduced by over 40% in recent years. At the same time, the use of POLYMETRIX recycling technology has helped to reduce the worldwide demand for new material by 3%.

Customer focus

We aim for a long-term partnership with our customers. Our designs for production plants are tailor-made to our customers' requirements. Specific innovations are developed in joint development projects with select customers or business partners.

Team focus

Efficient team work internally and with our customer’s project teams as well as dependability and a reliable network of partners are our strength.

Focus on safety and quality

One top priority in all our activities and products is the health and safety of all project participants and the environment. We offer top-quality services and products with the goal to facilitate our customer’s success on the market. It goes without saying that we comply with current legislation, standards, safety and quality directives, environmental requirements and our customers' industry-specific requirements.

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