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PET SSP EcoSphere with melt-to-pellet crystallization

With the POLYMETRIX PET SSP EcoSphereTM process virgin PET can be crystallized and solid stated reliably and robustly in "world-scale" plants with the lowest production cost. In combination with a modern, efficient continuous polymerization (CP), less than 580 kWh of energy (fuel and electricity) is needed for the production of one metric ton of PET using the integrated CP and PET SSP EcoSphereTM process.

The melt from the CP plant is formed into spherical pellets using under-water pelletizers. After the melt-to-pellet crystallization process the product is conveyed hot to the SSP plant without intermediate storage. The patented POLYMETRIX "melt-to-pellet crystallization" along with the patented integrated back-up system between CP and SSP guarantees high availability of the production plant. These important CP / SSP interface technologies are essential for the continuous production of quality material at high throughputs.

After crystallization the PET pellets undergo dedusting, preheating to SSP temperatures, hot conveying, the SSP reaction and cooling. Nitrogen from the process is continuously cleaned in a gas washing system with ethylene glycol. 

Thanks to the economic plant layout used for the PET SSP EcoSphereTM process, the space requirement for the building structure is reduced by approximately 40% compared to conventional processes.


  • Capacities from 10 to 1800 tpd
  • Direct coupling of CP and SSP without intermediate storage
  • Melt-to-pellet crystallization (POLYMETRIX patent)
  • Hot pellet back-up system with re-introduction of pellets into process (POLYMETRIX patent)
  • Spherical PET pellets
  • Most energy efficient CP & SSP production solution < 580 kWh/tPET
  • 0.5 kg/tPET MEG recovery from SSP back to CP process - minimized raw material consumption
  • All SSP steps under nitrogen (cooling under air or nitrogen)
  • Minimized building foot print
  • Minimized building height, with minimal number of building floors

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