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rPET for food packaging

POLYMETRIX PET recycling technologies make it possible to convert post-consumer PET bottles into recycled PET (rPET) suitable for direct food contact applications. The rPET pellets are fully compatible with virgin PET and are used for beverage bottles and food trays with up to 100% rPET content.

rPET treated in POLYMETRIX SSP processes fulfills the specific requirements of the packaging industry, the national safety regulations for food packaging and even the strict quality requirements of global beverage brand owners. These high quality standards are achieved regardless of the collection method of the used bottles and regardless of the intended final use of the new bottles or trays.
Precise and stable viscosity, extremely low levels of residual contaminants as well as optimum processing characteristics for injection molding of preforms are key advantages of rPET pellets from POLYMETRIX SSP plants.

All POLYMETRIX recycling processes place the SSP step at the end of the recycling chain to remove degradation products from past heat histories. This is inevitable to maintain the high quality of PET even after multiple recycling loops. 

EcoBlend vPET/rPET blend for food grade applications
rPET for bottle-to-bottle applications
rPET flakes for food grade applications

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