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PET SSP leaN - floor mounted design

The SSP design has been simplified for virgin PET (vPET) and recycled PET (rPET) plants with a throughput up to 300t/d. All process equipment is floor-mounted and no dedicated building is required. The SSP reactor can be situated right next to the end product silos. This SSP leaN process fully matches the high standards of the POLYMETRIX SSP processes in terms of material quality, functionality and reliability.

The SSP leaN process starts with any crystallization step followed by intermediate conveying and pre-heating to SSP temperatures. Optionally it combines crystallization and pre-heating into one process step. After pre-heating the PET pellets undergo hot conveying, the SSP reaction and cooling. Nitrogen from the process is continuously cleaned in a catalytic combustion or gas washing system with ethylene glycol. A new guard bed technology has been integrated into the gas cleaning loop for rPET plants to facilitate the removal of foreign contamination that is stripped from the recycled material during SSP.


  • Capacity from 10 to 300 t/d
  • Stand-alone or directly coupled with extruder system
  • Melt-to-pellet crystallization or pellet-to-pellet crystallization
  • Spherical or cylindrical pellets 
  • Hot pellet back-up system with re-introduction back into process
  • Energy- efficient 
  • All process steps under nitrogen (crystallization and cooling under air or nitrogen) 
  • Minimized building foot print
  • Floor- mounted design

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