SSP for PA and other polymers

POLYMETRIX SSP processes are used when there is a requirement for high molecular weight/viscosity that is not easily achieved in the melt phase. Other polymers suitable for SSP include PBT, PEN, PLA and PA.

The process comprises an optional crystallization step, which is followed by preheating to SSP temperatures, the SSP reaction and cooling. Nitrogen from the process is continuously cleaned in a catalytic combustion or gas washing system with water. 

With PA the pellet moisture content is critical for downstream processing. Here we offer SSP systems with simultaneous conditioning (drying to equilibrium moisture content) as well as independent SSP plants followed by separate conditioning. Drying/conditioning and SSP can be performed at the same time in one process or performed separately (see following section) depending on process requirements. POLYMETRIX conditioning systems are typically installed directly upstream of the spinning extruders.

PA requires consequent treated under nitrogen due to its sensitivity to oxygen. With the use of a de-oxer (catalyst bed) the oxygen content can be reliably controlled below 5ppm.


  • Capacities up to 300 t/d
  • Stand-alone plants
  • Final viscosity and moisture control simultaneously
  • Integrated pellet conveying for maintaining material properties (optional)
  • De-oxer for O2 < 5ppm
  • Gas scrubber or catalytic combustion used for gas cleaning

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  • PA6 SSP
  • PA66 SSP
  • Other polycondensates SSP (bio plastics, PLA)