Industrial yarns and strapping

POLYMETRIX solid state polycondensation (SSP) technology is used to upgrade the intermediate PET pellets from the CP plant to high viscosity PET pellets. The SSP reaches a viscosity lift of up to 0.5dl/g. At the same time, the SSP process largely reduces the carboxyl end groups inside the PET pellets and reduces moisture to very low levels.

The PET pellets can be cooled and packed for processing in another location. Ideally however, the SSP is directly linked to the spinning extruders, which safes logistics and drying costs.
In order to achieve maximum spinning output and top-quality yarns, the upgraded pellets are conveyed to the spin extruders using low velocity, low-dust generation dense phase conveying under dry air or nitrogen.

PET SSP leaN - floor mounted design
Pneumatic pellet and flakes conveying


  • High viscosity PET pellets for safety-related applications
  • SSP processes for superior PET material strength
  • Approved by tire, automotive and special textile manufacturers
  • In-line processing with gentle conveying with dry air or nitrogen
  • Robust process with high availability and low maintenance
  • OPEX-minimized
  • CAPEX-optimized
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