vPET for bottle grade applications

Virgin PET (vPET) is produced from monoethylene glycol (MEG) and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) in the melt phase in continuous polymerization (CP) plants. The PET melt is converted into pellets either by strand cutting or under water pelletizing systems. The intermediate PET pellets from the CP plant are used for some fiber applications but are not suitable for the higher demands of food packaging applications. Those quality standards can only be achieved with an additional solid state polycondensation (SSP) step. POLYMETRIX offers a range of SSP technologies, which are selected depending on the scale and location of the PET production plant.

PET SSP EcoSphereTM with melt-to-pellet crystallization
PET SSP stand-alone process
PET SSP leaN - floor mounted design

All POLYMETRIX SSP technologies produce very pure bottle grade PET pellets in combination with all worldwide available CP technologies.


  • SSP processes for superior PET quality & purity
  • Robust process with high availability and low maintenance
  • Minimal PET loss and off-spec material
  • OPEX-minimized
  • CAPEX-optimized
material sourcing material processing material application quality
PET melt
transition melt/solid
crystallized PET
food grade pellets
PET preforms
PET bottles
PET resin production plant
injection moulding
strech blow moulding
MEG or bio MEG PTA or QTA
CP continuous polymerization
hot or cold crystallization
SSP solid state polycondesation
for all PET packaging applications
PMX services
up-stream material specification
integrated system engineering & supply
integration CP / SSP with CP suppliers
retrofit melt to pellet crystallization
after sales service
down-stream material specification

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