rPET for bottle-to-bottle applications

POLYMETRIX rPET bottle-to-bottle technology is employed to convert washed PET flakes to pure rPET pellets. This technology is selected when rPET production takes place independently from a virgin PET manufacturing plant.

Post-consumer PET bottles are collected either by deposit or drop-off schemes, by curb side collection and scavenging from waste streams. The bottles undergo grinding, intense surface cleaning and sorting in PET wash plants. The resulting PET flakes are the input material for the POLYMETRIX bottle-to-bottle rPET process.
The process consists of an initial extrusion step with melt degassing and melt filtration and is followed by pelletizing and a decontamination step in an SSP under nitrogen.

The SSP leaN concept is favored, due to the typically lower capacities of rPET plants. Extrusion and SSP are either linked by melt-to-pellet crystallization or remain independent operations.

PET SSP leaN - floor mounted design
Extrusion and melt degassing


  • rPET pellets for food packaging
  • SSP processes for superior PET quality & purity
  • FDA, Efsa and beverage brand owner acceptance 
  • Robust process with high availability and low maintenance
  • OPEX-minimized
  • CAPEX-optimized
material sourcing material processing material application quality
postconsumer bottles
rPET bales
washed flakes
sorted flakes
melt filtered pellets
food grade pellets
rPET preforms
rPET bottles
bottle collection
bottle bales transport
PET bottle-to-bottle recycling plant
injection molding
strech blow molding
all PET bottles from all collection systems
bottle/flake washing
flakes sorting
SSP / solid state decontamination
use for all types of bottles
PMX services
up-stream material specification
integrated system engineering & supply
consulting for food safety approvals
consulting brand owner approvals
after sales services
down-stream material specification

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