rPET flakes for food grade applications

POLYMETRIX rPET flakes technology is employed to produce pure rPET flakes from washed PET flakes. This technology is selected for rPET which undergoes melt filtration in subsequent conversion processes; predominantly to produce rPET films. The films are made with up to 100% rPET content and are used to manufacture thermoformed PET trays and other packaging blisters. Even CPET trays for high temperature applications are possible.

PET SSP leaN - floor mounted design


  • rPET flakes for food packaging 
  • SSP processes for superior PET quality & purity
  • FDA, Efsa and beverage brand owner acceptance
  • Robust process with high availability and low maintenance
  • OPEX-minimized
  • CAPEX-optimized
material sourcing material processing material application quality
postconsumer bottles
rPET bales
sorted flakes
SSP decontaminated flakes
bottle collection
bottle bales transport
PET bottle-to-sheet recycling plant
sheet extrusion
thermo forming
all PET bottles from all collection systems
bottle/flake washing
flakes sorting
SSP / solid state decontamination
for food trays
PMX services
up-stream material specification
integrated system engineering & supply
consulting for food safety approvals
consulting for brand owner approvals
after sales services
down-stream material specification

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