EcoBlend vPET/rPET blend for food grade applications

The POLYMETRIX EcoBlendTM rPET technology is used to produce premixed PET pellets consisting of virgin and recycled PET. After the CP process, the rPET melt flow from an on-site extrusion system is mixed with the virgin PET melt. Alternatively vPET pellets can be blended with rPET pellets directly after pelletizing. A blend of rPET and vPET is conveyed to the SSP and treated simultaneously.

As a result the output from the SSP consists of the CP plant capacity plus the added rPET capacity. The proportion of rPET in the material can be up to 25%. The EcoBlendTM technology is suitable for installation in a new plant or as an expansion into an existing PET manufacturing plant. For an expansion project the CP plant remains unchanged. The SSP plant is upgraded for the new material composition and the increase in overall capacity.


  • vPET/rPET blend for food packaging
  • SSP processes for superior PET quality & purity
  • FDA, Efsa and beverage brand owner acceptance
  • Robust process with high availability and low maintenance
  • Capacity increase by rPET addition
  • OPEX-minimized
  • CAPEX-optimized
material sourcing material processing material application quality
melt blend vPET / rPET
PET blended
PET blended food grade
v/r PET preforms
v/r PET bottles
bottle collection
bottle bales transport
virgin PET plant - with SSP & capacity retrofit
recycled PET feed to vPET plant
injection molding
stretch below molding
recycled PET
blended vPET / rPET with add. rPET capacity
SSP / solid state decontamination
use for all types of bottles
PMX services
up-stream material specification
vPET plant retrofit with rPET melt feed
CP / rPET / SSP integration
consulting food safety approvals
after sales services
down-stream material specification

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