PA industrial yarn applications

Polyamide is polymerized in the liquid phase from the monomers caprolactam (PA6) or hexamethylenediamine (HMDA) and adipic acid (PA66) and pelletized. Other monomers are used to produce a variety of different PA grades. Optionally the PA pellets undergo a water extraction process step. The resulting PA pellets contain several percent of water.

POLYMETRIX processes are used to dry and condition (drying to equilibrium moisture content) of all types of polyamides. Further the viscosity is adjusted by the POLYMETRIX SSP process for PA. Viscosity is adjusted by temperature and residence time, whereas the final moisture content is adjusted by the process gas humidity. Both are critical parameters for an optimum spinning process.

Drying/conditioning and SSP can be performed at the same time in one process or performed separately depending on process requirements.

Pneumatic conveying from the process to the storage silos and to the spin extruders is fully integrated in the overall process. This ensures that the pellets reach the spin extruder without any loss of quality.

SSP for PA and other polymers
Solid state drying and conditioning
Pneumatic pellet and flake conveying



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