Process simulation

Process simulation programs are an important tool for reliable sizing of new production plants and an efficient use during their life time. 

POLYMETRIX has an extensive data base of material characteristics. In addition we obtain specific material properties in our laboratory where we treat customer samples as close as possible to the desired large scale process conditions.
In combination with the know-how and experience of our process design engineers, these results form the basis for the design of the future and existing plants. 

POLYMETRIX uses a state-of-the-art thermodynamic simulation program with incorporated proprietary models for various process aspects like gas/solid heat exchange, crystallization, drying and polycondensation reactions.
The models are updated on a regular basis with data from commercial plants. 

Scope of services
  • Process simulation for equipment and pipe sizing
  • Process simulation for new plant designs
  • Process simulation for throughput or specification changes
  • Process simulation for plant conversions and capacity increases
  • Simulation for process optimization
  • Energy consumption and emission reports
  • Feasibility studies
Simulation of an SSP reactor