Plant retrofit services

POLYMETRIX helps you to make the most of your invested capital either by boosting capacity, reducing energy consumption or product losses or by improving product quality.

Often only small modifications are required to remove bottle necks from a plant. Further options exist if larger capacity increases are desired. Usually the addition of an additional process step can unlock the potential of an older plant at very attractive investment costs.

In addition POLYMETRIX can assist you if you want to convert a plant to produce a different grade or even a different type of polymer 

Our services include
  • Identification of capacity bottlenecks
  • Optimization of process parameters with respect to energy consumption, quality characteristics and throughput
  • Development and comparison of retrofit concepts with respect to capacity, downtime, pay-back time, energy consumption and space requirements
  • Evaluation of a plant’s suitability to produce different grades or polymer types
  • Analysis of quality issues
  • Basic and detail engineering, erection and start-up services for plant modifications

Proposed retrofit concepts

Concepts' evaluation