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New owner for Polymetrix

Oberbüren, Switzerland, May 23, 2018 – Polymetrix is now owned by Sanlian Hope with 80% of its shares. The Buhler Group remains a minority shareholder with 20% of the Polymetrix shares.

The sale of 80% of the shares of Polymetrix from the Bühler Group to Sanlian Hope has been successfully closed on March 22, 2018. The direct buyer is Sanlian Material Science S.à.r.l. in Luxembourg, a subsidiary of Beijing Sanlian Hope Shin-Gosen Technical Service Co. in China.

Polymetrix remains a Swiss entity and continues to operate under the existing management and the existing employees. The new board of Polymetrix now consists of five directors with representatives of both shareholders. The company’s legal name and the address remain identical and are expanded with the following suffix: “Polymetrix, a Sanlian-Bühler Company”


Media contact Polymetrix:

Martin Müller, CEO

Polymetrix AG, 9245 Oberbüren, Switzerland

Phone: +41 71 552 10 21

Mobile: +41 79 479 62 75

E-mail: martin.mueller(at)polymetrix.com


About Polymetrix

Polymetrix designs, supplies and installs complete industrial plants for the thermal treatment of bulk materials, based on the well-known polymer technologies and services from Bühler Thermal Processes AG. In addition, Polymetrix develops and distributes new process technologies, in particular for producing virgin and recycled plastics. As SSP market leader Polymetrix is your technology, process and engineering partner for the thermal treatment of polyesters, polyamides and other polymers. The polymers from our plants are used for high value applications like PET bottles, yarns for seatbelts, tires, hot air balloons or high performance sports clothing from PET or PA and optical fibers made of PBT.


About Sanlian

Beijing Sanlian Hope Shin-Gosen Technical Service Co,Ltd (in short SLHP) is a leading EPCm engineering contractor who designs and supplies complete industrial plants in the field of the manufacturing and processing of polyamide. Since 1999 SLHP has developed and designed PA polycondensation processes as well as spinning technologies for various applications such as PA6 & PA66 high speed spinning, monofilament high speed spinning and ultra-fine island spinning technologies (POY; HOY; FDY; IDY, etc.). In addition SLHP develops new concepts in the area of smart logistics for the PA spinning industry, providing high level of automation aiming to reduce labor costs in the manufacturing chain. Polymers and yarns produced with SLHP processes and technologies are widely used for applications in apparel, automotive, ropes and canvas and engineering plastics.


About Bühler

Every day, billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility. We strive for innovations for a better world, with a special focus on healthy, safe, and sustainable solutions. We contribute significantly to feeding the world’s population, while setting the focus on food security and safety. Our solutions and technologies enable efficient and clean mobility.

We are a leader in processing grains, rice, cocoa, coffee, and other raw materials. Also, we are a leading solution provider of die-casting and surface-coating technologies in high-volume application areas, such as automotive, optics, and inks. As a leading technology group, Bühler invests up to 5% of its turnover every year in Research & Development. In 2016, its 10,640 employees in over 140 countries generated a turnover of CHF 2.45 billion. The globally active Swiss family-owned company Bühler is particularly committed to sustainability.

We want our customers to be successful. We want every human being to have access to healthy food. We want to protect the climate with energy-efficient cars, buildings, and machinery.